Every one of our products combines the highest quality, all vegan, environmentally conscious nano-sized ingredients for deeper absorption. We use only 100% pure CBD oil from leading, certified laboratories. Minerals like white tourmaline are sourced from China because theirs are the least abrasive. Plants like lavender come from the highest altitudes in France for their sweeter scent. And we use the purest form of Vitamin C from the Kakadu Plum Tree plant which grows in the deserts of Australia. These and every ingredient are part of every one of our products, rigorously engineered and tested to ensure they’re simply the most effective.*

Beautiful Is What's Inside

We were founded on the principal of manufacturing the most effective all natural, vegan based wellness products possible. To do that, we engaged a product development team of beauty experts, agriculturists, chemists, and Nano technologists to engineer a line of creams, oils, and topical skin applications featuring a superior, more body absorbent formulation.*

Science is Beautiful

We understand that skin care products that can penetrate deeper work better. That’s why we embrace Nano Technology as part of our manufacturing process. Precisely manufactured in our own labs, this technique reduces the particle size to significantly enhance absorption. Consider that there are over 25 million nanometers in an inch. So if the diameter of a marble was one nanometer, then the diameter of the earth would be one meter. Nano technology and superior absorption are why our products are so effective.*

Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Natural herbs growing in a pot.
A grouping of Class + Canno products.

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